Month: August 2013

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Your Style Your home

Everyday choices can affect your design styles and themes. Your style can reflect many design theories and ideas. Decorating styles can be combined. There is rule regarding what makes a design. There is no need to feel guilty about your likes or dislikes when putting a room together. No apologies […]

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You be the Designer

Your home is an extension of you. Your home reflects your thoughts, creativity, and your love for a certain color or favorite pattern. Deciding on changing a theme or style or just coming up with one can be an adventure in itself. Your style is your own, but to make […]

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Why hire an Interior Designer?

Interior decorating and design are two fundamentally different occupations. Many confuse the terms and use the terms incorrectly. Decorators and designers will work on the same projects, but a designers role is to work directly with architects and construction to fulfill a your goals. Both decorators and designer require a […]

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When to hire an Interior Designer

One of the most common reasons people don’t hire an interior designer is cost. The misconception is that is extremely expensive. Someone on a budget may think that an interior designer may not be able bring style to the space with small amount of money. Interior Designers are trained to […]

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Unity in Design Creates Pleasing Aesthetics

Decorating projects can be a fun and exhilarating undertaking. These types of projects take on a life of their own. Using your imagination and creativity can help you create a space that reflects your own personality and style. Choosing decorating styles and themes is a way to show others what […]

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Redesign Your Home

Someone walks into your home and is taken onto a journey. A journey you decided and educated yourself about. Many reasons can facilitate a decision to update your home. It’s a new season and you want your home to feel like summer or spring. Maybe you feel like the colors […]

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Organizing Your Decorating Projects

Anyone can decorate a room, but it’s the feeling that comes from the finished decorating projects that speaks success. If you’re contemplating on taking on a decorating project is essential to plan and organize. Interior decorating can be a pleasant occasion or a disaster in the making. Preparing for the […]

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Importance of Unity in Design

To see clearly is a small necessity when putting your design ideas to use. Thinking about how to decorate a room can be emotional. Your mind flows with several abstracts of color and periods of time so that you can figure what design style to use. Unity of design is […]

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Home Decorating Tips and Ideas

Decorating your home can be a fun and adventurous project. Your home can be a blank canvas for you to place your ideas and talents onto. Home decorating can be as inexpensive or expensive as you like it. Any talent you possess can play an important role in this decorating […]

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Downscale for Upscale Appeal

Decorators have long known that downscaling and minimizing can be an important quality when it comes to decorating projects. Rather than fill a room with furniture, accessories, paintings, and other things, consider downscaling for greater appeal. The more upscale homes are often the ones that have minimal clutter and light, […]

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Do it yourself

Decorating Projects Add a touch of you to your home. Decorating projects are just the thing to do it. Take a weekend with family or friends and focus on bringing inspiration to a physical palette. You can update any room in your home with just a little work. The project […]

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Design Trends Continually Evolve

Interior design is an ever-evolving process and design trends are changing every day. That can be intimidating for some amateur or new designers. If you’re making some design changes in your home, but you’re not sure of the latest trends, you need to understand that trends are ever-changing and it’s […]

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Design Tips and Ideas for Amateurs

If you’re considering a design project but are not sure how to get started, then you’ll find these design tips and ideas an important part of the process. Knowing how to get started is an important part of the process. Depending on the size of the project you are considering, […]

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Design Styles and Themes Create Beautiful Interiors

Today’s design styles and themes offer a huge variety when it comes to decorating your home or office. There are many styles and themes from which to choose and coordinating a combination of styles if not uncommon. When it comes to decorating projects, you are the one to please and […]

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Decorating Tips

Decorating any area in your home is a project that will require a different form of responsibility. Design trends change drastically and rules are either set in stone or totally based off of interruptions. Decorating rules are beneficial to learn for any decorating project. You must recognize which ones can […]

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Decorating Projects Made Simple

Have you ever wanted to undertake decorating projects but were simply intimidated by the sheer thought of it? If decorating causes you to squirm, then it’s time you understood how easy it can be. After all, you are the only person to please when it comes to decorating your home […]

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Decorating Projects for Small Spaces

If you think your room is too small for a decorating project, think again. No space is too small. As a matter of fact, decorating projects for small spaces can make them appear even larger. Decorating in small spaces starts with a light color for the walls. Light colors make […]

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Client Designer Relationship

When it comes to home decorating, nothing is more important than having a good relationship with your designer of choice. There are many types of designers and finding one who you are comfortable with is important. Communication during the design process is essential and the client – designer relationship is […]

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Choosing a Designer

Decorating projects can be overwhelming and intimidating to many people. With the help of an interior designer, they can become more manageable and fun. Interior designers are experienced in all types of decorating projects and their goal is to create a space that makes you feel good. Although they bring […]

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