choosing commercial window treatments

How to Choose the Perfect Commercial Window Treatments

Commercial window treatments create the ambiance for any business environment. Whether you are decorating a corporate office, a retail store or a high-end restaurant, the way your windows are dressed will set the tone for the décor and help you provide a comfortable atmosphere for your employees and customers. You […]

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wooden blinds sun shining through


Real wood blinds are a true home investment that will add a timeless dimension to any environment. To get the most out of your blinds, you’ll want to clean and care for them properly. Real wood blinds require special care so that they will last a long time and retain […]

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bay window home interior


Bay windows are among the most unique and decorative of all window treatments. Their flexible design and widespread appeal make them a delight to install and enjoy for many years. If you are considering investing in bay window blinds, this guide will help you through the process from start to […]

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perfect window coverings dream kitchen

9  Perfect Window Coverings for Your Dream Kitchen

Since you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, it is important that your window coverings provide you and your family with the right combination of beautiful design, functional use and efficient privacy. Much to homeowners’ delight, today’s custom window treatment manufacturers provide more options than ever for blinds […]

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A wooden kitchen table and chairs near a window with a potted plant and placemats

How to Measure Your Windows for Mini Blinds

If you’re looking for the perfect replacement for your shabby or out-of-date horizontal window treatments, consider purchasing and installing mini blinds. These trendy design options are easy to clean, complement any interior scheme, and provide excellent light control. While it’s easy to understand the advantages of this popular alternative to […]

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plant and blinds

How to Choose Between Horizontal & Vertical Window Blinds for Your Home

When it’s time to install or replace your home’s window blinds, the first thing to decide is whether you need a horizontal or vertical style. As their names suggest, horizontal treatments have a sideways layout, while vertical window blinds run up and down. While the decision between the two may […]

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The 11 Most Summer-Inspired Window Treatments for Your Home

The 11 Most Summer-Inspired Window Treatments for Your Home

Summer is almost here, which means you and your family are getting ready for longer days and warmer temperatures. If you do not have the appropriate window treatments for the season, it may also mean less energy efficiency for your home, including higher power bills. You can maintain your summer […]

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boy raising window blinds

6 Reliable Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Window Blinds

Spring is the perfect time to make interior design upgrades. One of the most important considerations for any home is the quality of window fixtures. If your blinds are old or worn, it is probably time for a replacement. Switching out your horizontal or vertical blinds for new ones will […]

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man taking measurement window

How to Measure Your Windows for Custom Shades & Other Window Treatments

A suit or dress tailored to your body’s exact specifications will instantly enhance your style and physique. In the same way, custom shades and blinds will quickly upgrade the look of your home. These sought-after treatments are designed and manufactured to fit each of your window’s specific measurements, ensuring the […]

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30 inspiring designs roman shades

30 Inspiring Designs with Roman Shades

As far as window treatments go, Roman shades are perhaps the most versatile: they’re both classic and trendy, so they’re perfect for an assortment of décor styles. They bring a warm, natural texture to the home and come in a huge variety of unique colors and patterns to complement any […]

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wooden blinds in sunlight

6 Tips and Tricks for Decorating with Wooden Blinds

If you love the natural and warm look of wood blinds, you’re in for a treat in the decorating department! Not only are real wood blinds particularly versatile — they, like your hardwood floors and furniture, come in a seemingly endless selection of finishes — they’re also durable and long-lasting. […]

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Custom blinds hanging in contemporary apartment

How Custom Blinds Are Made

There are thousands of reasons why you might choose custom blinds for your home, but the primary reason is because not all windows are created equal. You might have a bay window here, a picture window there and a sliding glass door in the next room over. Obviously, you can’t […]

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choose right window blinds color

How to Choose the Right Window Blinds Color

Window blinds are an excellent choice for any space. Not only are they practical — it’s all about privacy, light control and temperature regulation — but they’re also perfect for adding a pop of style to your room. Choosing the right blinds color is an important part of the buying […]

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Buyer’s Guide: Room-Darkening Blinds and Shades

When shopping for window coverings that block out natural light, your mind probably automatically goes to blackout curtains. But there are so many other window treatments out there that can be used for light control in your home, including room-darkening shades and blinds. What are room-darkening shades and blinds, you […]

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light tones beautiful dining area blinds

The Best Way to Clean Your Window Blinds

One of the greatest things about window blinds is that they’re totally low-maintenance. Unlike curtains, you generally don’t have to fuss with professional cleaning services to clean blinds. Since they’re usually made of hard-surface materials like wood, faux wood, vinyl or aluminum, blinds are easy to whip into like-new shape […]

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Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Blinds Guide

Before purchasing faux wood blinds, you may want to consider a few factors to ensure they will satisfy your window-covering needs. Faux wood blinds resemble that natural glow and warmth of real wood. You will find that the faux wood material is made of wood composite, vinyl or plastic polymers. […]

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Buying Vertical Blinds

Customize your window coverings by size, color, and texture with vertical blinds. Vertical window blinds are the perfect window covering for sliding glass doors and so much more. Vertical blinds are quite practical and come in a wide array of options. You can rotate them around with an attached cord […]

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DIY Craft Ideas for your kids

Kids seem to have endless energy. Especially during summer time, kids can get bored at home while you are at work or busy doing other things. You don’t have to worry anymore about keeping your kids busy or entertained. Taking care of your children can be fun, but at times you […]

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Top Ideas for A Cozy Bedroom

At the end of a long day at work, there is nothing better than finally lying down on your bed and relaxing. What a better way to do it than in the comfort of your own cozy bedroom. Your room should be the perfect place to relax, enjoy, and snuggle […]

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DIY Scented Candles

Home should be your happy place; and what a better way to do it than with some freshening and delicious scented candles. Scented candles are so simple, but can light up a room instantly. Not only with their delicious smells, but their looks can make a great impression too. Scented […]

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